International Contacts

Prof. Dr. Bruno KopittkeFederal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Prof. Pedro Paulo H. WilhelmState University of Blumenau, Brazil
There is a wide contact with Mr. Kopittke and Mr. Wilhelm, who have modeled applications using SPIRIT at their respective universities in Brazil. They continue a joint research and plan further applications together with our department.
Joe Whittaker, Senior Lecturer in StatisticsDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University, UK
Under a research scholarship project for new generation scientists, Dr. Carl-Heinz Meyer was invited by Joe Whittaker external link, a very active researcher in the field of artificial intelligence and statistics, to do research for one year at his Department of Mathematics and Statistics external link, Lancaster University external link. During this stay in Lancaster, Mr. Meyer has attached contacts with scientists there.
Jirina Vejnarova, Laboratory for Intelligent Systems (LISp), Prague, Czech Republic
Milan Studeny, Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
The Laboratory for Intelligent Systems (LISp) external link is of the world's leading research groups for probabilistic inference at the University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic. Prof. Rödder was invited to give a talk there on SPIRIT in November 1999.