SPIRITshell is a program for generating, processing and applying probabilistic SPIRIT-knowledgebases. This software was developed in the platform-independent programming language Java and is free at your disposal in two versions:

Attention: SPIRIT-Shell is a software-package developed at our university. We are trying to add helpful features and so expanding the program. Please don't hesitate to send comments and suggestions for improvement to Prof. Wilhelm Rödder; he will transmit them to the developers team immediately.

Testing SPIRITshell online

SPIRITshell as applet can be started directly in a Java-compatible browser (e.g. Firefox 2+ or Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+). This version however is limited in its functions and allows neither loading nor storing files. Furthermore, there might occur little errors depending on the browser's version due to incompatibility.

You can start SPIRITapplet (1.25 MB) directly from the applet page.

Install the apllication SPIRITshell

You can download SPIRITshell as application and examine it for yourself free of charge.
To run the program, a Java runtime environment is needed. If such a system is not yet installed on your computer, we recommend you to use the JRE  from Sun , which is also free available.
Please visit our download page now!

SPIRITshell Knowledgebases

Some SPIRIT-knowledgebases are available in SPIRITshell file format. You are welcome to download these examples and use SPIRITshell as application to process or consult them.

Some browsers require to use the kontextmenu (right mouseclick) choosing "Save link as..." to copy.

SPIRITshell System Documentation

In the SPIRITshell an online-manual is is integrated. The class library of the components of SPIRIT is free available; please refer to the following manuals: