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Fortune database entry no. 46

Book: Yes     Magazin: No     Project Description: No     Internet Resource: No

Area(s) of Application: Product Development
Relevant Player(s): Manufacturer, Dealer, Enduser
Thematic Issue(s): Models, Methods / Strategies
Methods/Strategies: Focus Groups / User Groups

Tools for User Interfaces for All

The European Context For Assistive Technology, Assistive Technology Research Series

Author: Stephanidis, Savidis, Akoumianakis
Abstract: New interaction technologies have emerged in the past few years opening the door to many innovative solutions in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. The mainstream of such developments has been based on the needs of the "average" able user and only limited attention has been given to the requirements of disabled and elderly people. The concept of "User Interfaces for all" is proposed, following the concept of "Design for all", as the vehicle to efficiently and effectively address this problem. The design of a framework concerning tools for developing "User Interfaces for all" is discussed. In the context of the TIDE-ACCESS project tools which would support "User Interfaces for all" concerning software products through efficient development procedures and the dialogue with target user groups are being developed.
Editor: I. Placencia Porrero, R. Puig de la Bellacasa
Publisher: IOS Press ,   Amsterdam ,   1995
ISBN / ISSN: 9051992203
Relevant Pages: 167-170

Project Name: ACCESS Project
Name of Institution ICS-FORTH
European Context: TIDE Programme, 2nd TIDE Congress, 26-28 April 1995, Paris

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