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Welcome to the Website of the Department of Instructional Technology & Media!
Prof. Dr. Theo J. Bastiaens is Head of the Department of Instructional Technology & Media.

The development during the last years shows that social changes set new determining factors and conditions as well as they make altered demands on the people – also within the sector of learning and education. Especially the technical possibilities due to New Media contribute seriously to this development: from a services society to an information society.

Through the digital dovetailing of the whole communication scope (language, text, video, audio, telecommunication, entertainment electronics and computer technology) New Media play both in professional and in private life a major role. The term New Media not only includes the Web 2.0 and its manifold possibilities as Social Media, Virtual Classrooms etc. Also the various multimedia-based (terminal) devices offer new learning and teaching possibilities: the use of Apps via Smartphone and Tablets is a popular new release just as the application of eBook-readers and iPods is.

The modern Instructional Design deals with exactly this kind of modified determining factors and conditions within the sector of learning and education. The current requirements within the scope of teaching and learning comprise the call for skill-based learning, more responsibility and self-monitoring for the learner as well as the sensible Instructional Design of New Media.

In our diurnal activities of teaching and research we scientifically act on all these developments and changes. On the following pages you can find out more about the activities at the Department of Instructional Technology and Media. You will find important information about our Department, the topics “Academic Studies, Teaching and Graduation” as well as about our research activities.


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