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Alignment of customer intention value networks with corporate performance management

AutorInnen: Baumöl, Ulrike
Wilfling, Sabine
Ickler, Henrik
Kategorie: Sonstiges
erschienen in: Vortrag auf der INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, 12.-14. Juni 2008, Vancouver, Kanada.

A major driver for efficiency when managing the company’s customer relationships is the alignment of core competencies with customer processes. Two main problems can be identified for today’s failures of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) projects [Hors02; GRKB05]. First of all, these projects too often only focus on the internal processes directly targeting customers without knowing the customers´ processes from their point of view. Secondly, the focus on processes such as marketing, sales, or services often neglects the dependency on performance relevant core processes of the organization. These core processes reflect the core competencies of the company and play an important role on the one hand for gaining competitive advantage and on the other hand for an efficient production. Thus, the main challenge for an efficient CRM is the alignment of customer processes from an “outside-in” perspective with the core competencies of the company, reflecting the “inside-out” perspective. The alignment process has to ensure that the customer perceives flexibility and the company can at the same time build on its core competencies without having to constantly change the process architecture.The research approach focuses on the analysis of the process architecture based on criteria integrating the outside-in and the inside-out perspective. Customer intention value networks [BaWi01] serve as models for the outside-in perspective and process models deal with the inside-out perspective. The research is based on an empirical study in cooperation with a medium-sized bank and has been started in August 2007 with a series of interviews with 125 corporate customers. The results to be presented show the possibilities of profiling customers with respect to their intention value networks.

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