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Returns to Scale Revisited – Towards Cross-RTS

AutorInnen: Kleine, A.
Rödder, A.
Dellnitz, A.
Kategorie: Gesamtverzeichnis
Forschungsthema: Data Envelopment Analysis
  In: Ahn, H.; Clermont, M.; R. Souren (editors), Nachhaltiges Entscheiden: Beiträge zum multiperspektivischen Performancemanagement von Wertschöpfungsprozessen, Springer Gabler 2016, 385-404.

In neoclassical economic theory, the production function expresses the technological efficient relationship between inputs and one output (see Shephard 1970). In this theoretical framework, the scale elasticity or returns to scale (RTS), respectively, is a measure of the outputs’ reaction with respect to radial change of inputs; it is one of the most commonly used indices in economic theory. Later, Starrett (1977) and Panzar/Willig (1977) generalized the concept of RTS for multiple outputs. For either simple or multiple outputs, we might have constant, increasing and decreasing RTS.

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