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Young Scholars School 2013

In March 2013, the Standing Group Identity organized the Young Scholars School European Identity (YSS) at the University of Jena (Germany). The YSS was directed to stimulate fresh ideas by bringing together international young scholars with experienced researchers and high profile students. The first part of the YSS was organized as a three-day-seminar. Based on two sessions a day, the participants discussed different aspects of European identity research with international high-caliber students working at the forefront of research on this topic. Some of the sessions can be found on our YouTube-Channel [external link]. The second part of the YSS was organized as a two-day-workshop. The young scholars had the opportunity to present their own research projects in a forum of both junior and senior researchers as well as to discuss their ideas in greater detail. All in all, the YSS was a great success and the value of the innovative program format has been proven. Below, you will find information about the key results of the YSS, the sessions (videos), and the participants’ evaluation.

Laura Cram: Concepts of Identity

Jeffrey Checkel : Theories and Methods of
European Identity

Michael Bruter: Quantitative Research

Sophie Duchesne: Qualitative Research
Methods I

Hans-Jörg Trenz : Qualitative Research
Methods II

Peter Kraus: YSS European Identity

Round Table: Does the EU really need a
European identity?

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