University Governing Bodies


Further governing boards

  • 'Supervisory board' of the university

    The board consists of five members of the university (internal) and of five external members. They advise the rectorate in concerns of strategy and supervise the management of the university.

    The internal members are:
    Prof. Dr. Alfred Endres
    Dr. Jürgen Ewert
    Prof. Dr. Werner Kirsch
    Prof. Dr. Katharina Gräfin von Schlieffen
    Prof. Dr. Annette Elisabeth Töller

    The external members are:
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jörg Bullinger
    Gabi Ludwig
    Andreas Meyer-Lauber
    Prof. Dr. Anja Oskamp
    Dr. Manfred Scholle (Chairman of the supervisory board of the FernUniversität)