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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg M. Haake

Jörg M. Haake
Email: joerg.haake
Phone: +49 2331 987 - 327
Room: IZ, 2. OG, 08

Since December 1st, 2001, Jörg Haake is professor at the FernUniversität Hagen an chair for Distributed Systems.

Until November 2001 he was division manager at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Publication and Information Systems (IPSI) in Darmstadt, Germany.

His current research interests at the FernUniversität include:

  • Design, implementation, use and evaluation of computer-supported cooperative learning environments,
  • Design, implementation, use and evaluation of computer support for virtual organisations and Extended Enterprises,
  • Design and use of hypermedia-based cooperation environments, development of generic frameworks for context-based adaptive cooperation environments, and awareness in shared workspaces.

Professor Haake is

FernUni-Logo FernUniversität in Hagen, Chair of Cooperative Systems, 58084 Hagen