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The FernUniversität’s Structured Doctorate Program and EDELNet

As per § 17 of the Promotionsordnung, the FernUniversität in Hagen endeavors to provide its doctorate candidates with the possibility to participate in a structured doctorate program as an addition to their participation in the regular, individual doctorate program. According to §17 the structured doctorate program shall:

1) Assist doctorate candidates in completing their dissertations and prepare them for the doctorate defense;
2) Provide students with advanced knowledge and skills for independently planning and implementing their own research, defending as well as presenting and disseminating the results thereof, e.g. in the form of international high quality publications;
3) Offer students the possibility to build up international networks and gain access to an international research community.

Its international orientation and purpose is one of the main features of the structured doctorate program as provided in § 17. For this reason, the doctorate program is embedded in the EDELNet Strategic Partnership between FernUniversität Hagen, Open Universiteit Nederland and UNED Spain.

Accordingly, the EDELNet Project is the main platform for the structured doctorate program of the FernUniversität in cooperation with OUNl and UNED.

All Doctorate Candidates of the FernUniversität are invited to join! Find out more about the EDELNet International Doctorate Program at:

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