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About eCourse in Statistics  


The idea of developing the eCourse in Statistics was developed due an identified need by the to promote statistical literacy amongst the young adults and older persons in Malta and Gozo who are considered as occasional users of official statistics. A number of best practices were already in existence and the NSO set the objective of following best practices whilst at the same time seeking innovative technologies to demonstrate the basic tools needed to understand and interpret basic statistical concepts.

With the assistance of Prof. Dr Hans-Joachim Mittag from the University of Hagen (Germany), Statistics Finland was identified as ideal partners to develop this eCourse in a way that this would appeal to an international community rather than to the Maltese community only. Statistics Finland can be considered as forerunners in the provision of eCourse in Statistics amongst National Statistical Institutes and their eCourse available online for some years was considered as an ideal starting point for the analysis and provision of content.

This eCourse has been produced in cooperation with Statistics Finland and with considerable input from Prof. Dr Hans Joachim Mittag who was the main driving force behind the realisation of this project and authored most parts of this eCourse.  He was supported by Robert Mizzi and Jesmond Galea for the National Statistics Office (Malta) who were responsible for managing and implementing the project. Various statistical sources, official and not, have been used for the content and media galleries available within this course and these are listed below. It is the intention of the National Statistics Office (Malta) and Statistics Finland to continue improving and adding the content of this eCourse in the coming years and adapt it to new technologies that become available during the years to ensure that the eCourse remains not only valid in terms of content but also innovative and interesting for potential users.





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