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4.3 Population pyramids

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Nowadays, the dynamics of demographic changes can be visualized by means of interactive tools of fascinating power presenting the development over time like a film that can be stopped at any point. The user gets detailed information for the chosen period, for example on the sex ratio or on the relative size of people belonging to a user-defined age interval.

Example 4.3-2:  Interactive population pyramid for Malta

Below, the population pyramid for Malta is presented. It refers to absolute figures. The population projection shown here for Malta until 2050 assumes linearly increases in the fertility rates and expectation of life at birth to 1.6 and 85 years in 2100 respectively.  Net annual migration is also assumed to increase linearly to 2,200 annually in 2100.

Click on the image above to view interactive version


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  4.1 Demography and the Ageing of European Societies
  4.2 Statistical Indicators in Demography
  4.3 Population Pyramids
  4.4 Life Expectancy
  4.5 Quiz


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