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The promotion of Statistical Literacy is one of the most important challenges that National Statistical Institutes have to cope with in the years ahead. In this day and age, dissemination of statistics through the various media is commonplace but it is often observed that a number of statistical users do not have the basic skills to be able to use and interpret statistical data.

The National Statistics Office, in close cooperation with the University of Hagen (Germany) and with Statistics Finland, has prepared this eCourse in Statistics with the clear objective of fostering statistical literacy amongst the local as well as the international community of statistical users.

Although this course is primarily intended for young adults attending post-secondary and the first years of tertiary education, special care has been taken to write the chapters in common everyday language that can also be understood by the occasional users of statistics.

We recommend that users follow the logical sequence of chapters for a comprehensive coverage of basic statistical concepts and examples but specific chapters can also be read separately.

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  Chapter 1. Statistical literacy
  Chapter 2. Basic Statistical Concepts
  Chapter 3. Presentation and Visualisation of Data
  Chapter 4. Population Developments
  Chapter 5. Social/Economic Statistics
  Chapter 6. Searching for Statistical Information

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