The Program



Students from distance-teaching universities usually don’t have the chance to complete an exchange semester in a foreign country. On the other hand intercultural experiences and language skills are becoming more and more important in today’s economy. The Summer School program of the FernUniversität in Hagen, the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) and the Open Universiteit combines the advantages of an intercultural experience with a compact introduction to the legal frameworks of Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.


Students get an overview of the different legal frameworks and their solutions for social and economical problems. All lectures will be held in English, therefore students will also attend a series of lectures in legal English and the Anglo-American common law system. The program combines theoretical lectures and practical seminars, where students work out the similarities and differences between the different legal frameworks. Another important aspect of the Summer School is that students from three different countries get the chance to live and work together for a period of two weeks in an international environment. The curriculum also includes visits to interesting political, juridical and/or cultural sights.

The Summer School in Law program was established in 2008 by three European distance learning universities. Since 2008 more than 250 students have completetd the program.

Host master of the 2015 program will be the UNED.