„Hyphens and Heritage: Exploring National Identity among Second-Generation Immigrants in Sweden and the United States“


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Wann: 03.05.2017 um 12:30 Uhr
Wo: Seminargebäude der FernUniversität, R. 4. und 5, Universitätsstr. 33, 58097 Hagen
Referent/-in: Prof. Dr. Melinda Jackson (seit 2005 Associate Professor für Politikwissenschaften an der San José State University, California, USA. Ihre Forschung fokussiert sich auf öffentliche Meinung, bürgerliches Engagement und politische Partizipation, mit einem besonderen Fokus auf politische Psychologie und politische Identität.)


This work explores national identification narratives among second-generation immigrant college students in Sweden with a focus on the role of political socialization and social identities. In particular, I explore whether children of immigrants feel as strongly connected to a Swedish national identity as their general population peers, and whether their attitudes toward immigration and other policy issues differ in systematic ways from other Swedes. This research builds upon and extends my investigation of these issues among second-generation American students in California. With debates over the social and political consequences of immigration at the forefront in both Europe and the US, this is an important and timely topic for political psychology.

Veranstalter:Research Center for the Psychological Study of Individual and Community Change (PSINCC) / Lehrgebiet Community Psychology

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