Seminar über Mathematische Physik und Funktionalanalysis

Vortragsreihe Seminar über Mathematische Physik und Funktionalanalysis

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Wann: 12.12.2017 um 16:30 Uhr
Wo: FernUniversität, ehem. TGZ, Raum E08, 4. OG, Universitätsstr. 11, 58097 Hagen
Referent/-in: Dr. Christian Seifert (TU Hamburg-Harburg)


In this talk, we propose a (new) method for constructing traces of quadratic forms in the framework of Hilbert and Dirichlet spaces. The method relies on monotone convergence of quadratic forms and the canonical decomposition into regular and singular part. We give various situations where the trace can be described more explicitly and compute it for some illustrating examples. We then show that Mosco convergence of Dirichlet forms implies Mosco convergence of a subsequence of their approximating traces and that asymptotic compactness of Dirichlet forms yields asymptotic compactness of their traces.

The talk is based on a joint work with Hichem BelHadjAli, Ali BenAmor and Amina Thabet.

Veranstalter:Lehrgebiet Analysis, Prof. Dr. Delio Mugnolo

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