Dr. Palitha Edirisingha: Podcasting, Mobile Learning, and Second Life

Some Pedagogical Applications to Support Student Learning in Higher Education

Termin: 08.12.2009

Dr. Palitha Edirisingha is a Lecturer in E-Learning at Beyond Distance Research Alliance (BDRA), University of Leicester, UK. He works on number of research and development projects at Leicester covering online and distance learning, mobile learning and podcasting for pedagogic purposes. He is investigator on the IMPALA (podcasting), WoLF (mobile learning) and MOOSE (3D virtual worlds) projects. He coordinates BDRA's visiting researcher programme and ELKS (E-Learning and Knowledge Sharing) Community

Dr. Palitha Edirisingha´s research interests include the role of emerging learning technologies (mobile, social web services and tools):
for facilitating informal learning within academic contexts and for creating social capital and communities of practices amongst students to support formal learning; and open and distance learning for education in developing countries.

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