»Conditionals, Information, and Inference«

Hagen, Germany
May 13-15, 2002


The workshop will take place on the campus of the University in Hagen. We will meet together in room F09 of the TGZ, the building is marked in the map with »F140,142«.
A rough time schedule allows 30 minutes for each presentation followed by 10 minutes discussion. Please look at the table for details.

Time Monday, May 13
8:30 Registration & Welcome
9:15 Opening - Kern-Isberner, G.; Rödder, W.
9:30 Invited Paper - Adams, E.W.:
What is at Stake in the Controversy over Conditionals
10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 Bonnefon, J.-F.; Hilton, D.:
Getting the Point of Conditionals: An Argumentative Approach to the Psychological Interpretation of Conditional Premises
11:25 Jacquette, D.:
Probability, Practical Reasoning, and Conditional Statements of Intent
12:05 Lunch
14:00 Weydert, E.:
Default Epistemology - Rankings, Reasoning, and Revision - A preliminary account
14:40 Booth, R.:
On the Logic of Iterated Non-prioritised Revision - Preliminary Results
15:20 Coffee Break
15:50 Osswald, R.:
On Observations, Conditionals, and Defaults
16:30 Poster - Sarma, R.:
1. Some Problems Concerning Semantics of Counterfactuals
2. Belief Revision and Semantics of Counterfactuals under AGM Framework
16:45 Coffee Break
17:10 Jirousek, R.; Studeny, M.; Vejnarova, J.:
Open Problems Inspired by Albert Perez

Time Tuesday, May 14
8:45 Invited Paper - Dubois, D.:
Confidence Relations as a Basis for Uncertainty Modeling, Plausible Reasoning, and Belief Revision
9:45 Coffee Break
10:00 Chrzastowski-Wachtel, P.; Tyszkiewicz, J.:
A Maple Package for Conditional Event Algebras
10:40 Goodman, I.R.; Bamber, D.; Nguyen, H.T. (Speaker:Adams, E.W.):
New Relations between Adams-Calabrese and Product Space Conditional Event Algebras with Applications to Second Order Bayesian Inference
11:20 Coffee Break
11:35 Matus, F.:
Conditional Independence in Gaussian Vectors and Ideals of Polynomials
12:15 Beierle, Ch.; Kern-Isberner, G.:
Looking at Probabilistic Conditionals from an Institutional Point of View
12:55 Brunch and Softwarepresentations
SPIRIT (Kulmann, F.; Reucher, E.)
PIT (Schramm, M.)
14:00 Social Program - Excursion
19:00 Social Program - Workshop Dinner

Time Wednesday, May 15
8:45 Invited Paper - Calabrese, Ph.:
Reflections on Logic & Probability in the Context of Conditionals
9:45 Coffee Break
10:00 Dekhtyar, A.; Goldsmith, J.:
Conditionalization for Interval Probabilities
10:40 Paris, J.B.; Vencovska, A.:
There is a Reason for Everything (Probably): On the Application of Maxent to Induction
11:20 Coffee Break
11:35 Schramm, M.; Fronhöfer, B.:
Completing Incomplete Bayesian Networks
12:15 Closing

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