Lehrgebiet Mediendidaktik
Institut für Bildungswissenschaft und Medienforschung

Virtual Flashcards

With the Virtual Flahscards you become acquainted with essential terms of the study papers. A system of index cards allows you to use the App as glossary or simply for learning the terms.

They refer to the content of several study papers, at the moment predominantly of the Bachelors Degree Program B.A. Bildungswissenschaft (B.A. Educational Science) and the Masters Degree Program M.A. Bildung und Medien: eEducation (M.A. Education and Media: eEdcuation).
Contents of the Bachelors Degree Programs B.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik (B.Sc. Business Informatics) and B.Sc. Wirtschaftswissenschaft (B.Sc. Economic Science) are also picked up.