Lehrgebiet Mediendidaktik
Institut für Bildungswissenschaft und Medienforschung

Our Department

As part of the Institute of Educational Science and Media Research (IfBM) the Department of Instructional Technology and Media is particularly concerned with computer-supported teaching and learning processes, modern instructional design, and its practical implementation into instructional processes and situations. These processes are also referred to as eTeaching and eLearning.


With our research activities we are concerned with the educational potential and impact of media and technology in teaching and learning processes. At the same time results of other scientific disciplines, e.g. pedagogics, sociology, psychology are integrated. Because motivation and efficiency in learning also influence a person as teacher and learner, these aspects also have to be taken into consideration.

Our research focuses on Instructional Design and Educational Technology, on traditional teaching approaches, as well as on Distance Education and Blended Learning.


The Department of Instructional Technology and Media supervises courses in the bachelors degree program B.A. Bildungswissenschaft (B.A. Educational Science) and the masters degree program M.A. Bildung und Medien: eEducation (M.A. Education and Media: eEducation).

Within the bachelors degree program B.A. Bildungswissenschaft (B.A. Educational Science) we supervise

Additionally, we have the overall lead within the consecutive masters degree program M.A. Bildung und Medien: eEducation (M.A. Education and Media: eEducation) and we supervise

Moreover, we mentor Bachelor- or Master-Final-Thesis, if you plan to write your thesis within the field of Instructional Technology and Media.