Paper accepted in the jounal "Argument & Computation"


The paper "Revisiting initial sets in abstract argumentation" by Matthias Thimm was accepted in the journal "Argument & Computation"

Abstract of the paper

Revisiting initial sets in abstract argumentation

by Matthias Thimm

Abstract: We revisit the notion of initial sets by Xu and Cayrol [1], i. e., non-empty minimal admissible sets in abstractargumentation frameworks. Initial sets are a simple concept for analysing conflicts in an abstract argumentation framework and to explain why certain arguments can be accepted. We contribute with new insights on the structure of initial sets and devise a simple non-deterministic construction principle for any admissible set, based on iterative selection of initial sets of the original framework and its induced reducts. In particular, we characterise many existing admissibility-based semantics via 17 this construction principle, thus providing a constructive explanation on the structure of extensions. We also investigate certain problems related to initial sets with respect to their computational complexity.

[1] Y. Xu and C. Cayrol, Initial Sets in Abstract Argumentation Frameworks, in: Proceedings of the 1st Chinese Conference 13 on Logic and Argumentation (CLAR’16), 2016.

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