1. Symposium on Collective Intelligence

The next Symposium on Collective Intelligence (COLLIN) will be held in Seoul from June 09th to 10th, 2011!!!

Please find further information at http://www.fernuni-hagen.de/collin2011

Collective behavior and collective intelligence can be found in various contexts. For example, new designs of T-Shirts, Lego models or sports shoes are developed by the crowd in the web, the audience of the TV-show “Who wants to be a millionaire” can provide the answer to a question the candidate cannot answer. These are only few examples of the potential of collective intelligence. Changing environmental factors, like new information technology and changed customer behavior, allow for many opportunities for the emergence of collective intelligence. Collective behavior and the achieved results as well as the closely connected individual learning processes offer a high potential for value creation in different areas, like business, research or society. However, the potential of collective behavior, collective intelligence and learning in the context of value creation is widely unexplored. To harness this potential, it is important to understand the basic concepts, features and mechanism of collective intelligence based on interdisciplinary research.

To provide a platform to share ideas and information between scientists and also between scientists and practitioners, a symposium on collective intelligence will take place from April 15 to April 16, 2010 at the FernUniversitaet in Hagen. Since the topic is highly interdisciplinary the symposium focuses on different research areas, like economics, informatics, media science, psychology, or sociology.

Kindly supported by: Gesellschaft der Freunde der FernUniversität e.V.

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