Algorithms and Tools for Petri nets 2019

October 10-11 at the FernUniversität in Hagen

The AWPN workshop is organized by the special interest group "Petri nets and related system models" (0.0.1) of the Gesellschaft für Informatik with a focus on algorithms and tools for Petri nets. The workshop has a long tradition of being informal and low-budget.
The topics of the workshop are analysis, simulation, visualization, and synthesis of Petri nets and related models. Theory, applications, and tools are welcome.
The workshop will take place at D006, Informatikzentrum (Gebäude 3). The main goal of the workshop is to exchange experience and knowledge. Participation in the workshop is free. Please register by email.

We extended the deadline for papers. The deadline for papers (6 pages) and extended abstracts (2 pages) is September 10, 2019.
Papers should be submitted in English using LNCS-format. Please submit your paper by email as a pdf-document without page numbers and camera-ready. Papers and extended abstracts will not undergo a detailed reviewing process, but will be checked for relevance with respect to the topics of AWPN.
If you want to stay close to the venue, we recommend the Campus Hotel. If you want to stay close to the city, we recommend the Mercure Hotel. Furthermore, there is the Bildungsherberge of our university.

Download the Proceedings of the Workshop AWPN 2019.

Thursday, October 10
13.00 - 13.45      Jörg Desel. (Keynote) Can a Single Transition Stop an Entire Net? (Part II).
13.45 - 14.15 Johannes Metzger. Analyzing and Improving the Efficiency of Current Synthesis Approaches Using Wrong Continuations.
14.15 - 14.45 Milan Mladoniczky, Gabriel Juhás, Juraj Mažári. Cluster Inter-Process Communication in Petriflow Language.
15.15 - 15.45 Sven Willrodt, Daniel Moldt. Discussion of a Modular Model Checking Framework for Renew’s Reference Nets.
15.45 - 16.15 Jacek Chodak, Monika Heiner. Spike - as a Supporting Tool for a Model Parameters Optimization via Branched Simulations.
16.15 - 16.45 Lisa Mannel, Wil van der Aalst. Enhanced Discovery of Uniwired Petri Nets Using eST-Miner.
17.00 - 18.00 Meeting of members of the GI SIG Petri Nets and Related System Models.
18.00 - 19.00 Workshop Dinner.
Friday, October 11
09.00 - 09.30      Ekkart Kindler. The PNK, the PNML and the ePNK: What became of our dreams?
09.30 - 10.00 Juraj Mažári. Execution of event chains in a Petriflow model.
10.00 - 10.30 Marcel Hansson, Daniel Moldt. Diskussion der Konsolidierung der Workflow-Werkzeuge von Renew.
11.00 - 11.30 George Assaf, Monika Heiner. Spatial Encoding of Systems Using Coloured Petri Nets.
11.30 - 12.00 Gabriel Juhás, Juraj Mažári, Milan Mladoniczky, Ana Juhásová. Implementation Semantics of Petriflow Models.
14.00 - 16.00 Invited Session dedicated to Jörg Desel.