„Being blindsided by our blind spots? Researching equality, diversity and COVID 19 in public administrative higher education in Germany.“ A contribution of Abena Dadze-Arthur & Anita Mörth at the EGPA Conference 2021.


Building an awareness of, and managing a commitment to, equity, equality and diversity for and ​among HE students are relatively new tasks for HE institutions in Germany. This complex endeavour has become even more challenging given that responses to the global COVID-19 pandemic run the risk of not only creating new inequalities but also accentuating existing inequities and further exacerbating the structural and institutional discrimination that is already present in Germany’s higher education. The contribution analyses key research publications on equality and diversity issues in the context of Germany’s public administrative higher education in order to assess if, and to what extent, the potential of internationally established knowledge, practices and theories on equity, equality and diversity in the higher educational ​sector is maximised for developing effective, locally tailored approaches to researching these issues in Germany’s higher education.

Abena Dadze-Arthur & Anita Mörth present their emerging findings and some preliminary propositions on researching equity, equality and diversity among Germany’s HE students in increasingly meaningful and productive ways at the 2021 Annual Conference of the European Group for Public Administration, 07-10 September 2021.