Doctoral Seminar with guest talk by professor Guido Schryen, Paderborn University

[21.5.2021 ]

The doctoral students and researchers of the B*IMA chair were pleased to attend a guest talk on “How (not) to write a standalone Literature Review in Information Systems” by Guido Schryen, Professor of Management Information Systems and Operations Research and Dean at Paderborn University. The experienced researcher shared valuable knowledge and personal insights with the audience and answered their questions. The talk was part of an internal two-day seminar aimed at strengthening the team’s methodological competences in conducting literature reviews. The doctoral seminar marked the beginning of a series of workshops geared towards the quality of research and teaching. Professor Schryen is a recognized expert for the method of the systematic qualitative literature review in Information Systems.

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doktorandenseminargastvortragFoto: lehrstuhl.winkler