Guest talk on Digital Health Apps with Tobias Manner-Romberg


In today’s lunch meeting, we welcomed Tobias Manner-Romberg as a special virtual guest to talk about his paper “Understanding the evaluation of mHealth app features based on a cross-country Kano analysis”, which has been published in the recent Special Issue on “Digital Healthcare Services” of the Electronic Markets – The International Journal on Networked Business.

Together with the co-authors Prof. Till Winkler, Prof. Henner Gimpel and Fabian Schmied, Tobias investigated the satisfaction of mHealth app users within the German and Danish population as part of his research-based master thesis.

The study shows that German users are rather indifferent to many advanced features of a mobile health record app, while Danes often perceive these as delighting features. The authors argue empirically that these distinctions are due to differences in privacy sensitivity, self-efficacy, and digital playfulness across the two observed cultural groups.

The B*IMA team appreciated this presentation very much and was able to take away some interesting insights.