Doctoral seminar on Survey Research with a guest talk by Professor Marko Sarstedt


This week, we spent two intensive days in a hybrid doctoral seminar on the topic of "Survey Research" for the Information Systems group at FernUniversität in Hagen – of course, under strict hygiene conditions.
The participants acquired essential skills from survey design through data analysis and put these into practice using selected examples.
The seminar was led by post-doctoral fellow Katharina Ebner and Professor Till Winkler.

The culmination of the seminar was the guest lecture by Professor Marko Sarstedt, Ludwigs Maximilians University Munich and Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai on the “Fallacies” of PLS-SEM.
The talk debunked a few common myths about the partial least squares method.

Prof. Sarstedt is a recognized authority and co-editor of multiple textbooks in the field of structural equation modeling.

Thank you Marko Sarstedt for being with us, it was truly a great pleasure!

You can get insights into the seminar on our LinkedIn page.