Beitrag von Ulrich Bretschneider für die ECIS 2020 angenommen


Der wissenschaftliche Konferenzbeitrag „Which Motivations Boost Idea Quality?“ von Ulrich Bretschneider wurde für die European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) angenommen. Dieser Beitrag untersucht, welche Motivationsfaktoren von Ideengebern in Virtuellen Ideen Communities einen Einfluss auf die Qualität von Ideen haben. Die ECIS gehört weltweit zu einer der renommiertesten Wirtschaftsinformatik-Konferenzen und findet in diesem Jahr auf Grund er Corona-Pandemie erstmals als virtuelle Konferenz statt.

Bretschneider, U. (2020): Which Motivations Boost Idea Quality? Exploring the Impact of Customers' Motives for Participating in Virtual Ideas Communities on Ideation Outcome, in: Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2020), zur Präsentation und Veröffentlichung angenommen


Regarding the high relevance of customer-based ideation outcome for firms‘ new product development there is a strong interest by science and practice in understanding which of customers’ motivation factors impact the quality of their ideas in firm-hosted Virtual Ideas Communities (VIC). However, empirical studies that provide evidence on the association of customers‘ motivations and their creative idea outcome are neglected, although these insights would be highly beneficial for firms in their role as operator of VIC and strategic crowdsourcer. Knowing these factors will provide valuable insights into how to design effective incentive strategies that attract corresponding customer motivations and, in turn, will lead to higher levels of customers‘ idea quality. In this research we build a theoretical model explaining which of customers‘ motivations for developing ideas have a positive impact on their ideation outcome.