Professor Guanghua Wan is going to present his research at the FernUniversität in Hagen

The Center for East Asia Macroeconomic Studies is very honoured to welcome Professor Guanghua Wan from Fudan University in Shanghai, China from the 15th until the 22 th of November in Hagen. Professor Wan is currently the director of the Institute of World Economy at Fudan University. During his time at the FernUniversität, he will give a talk at the 18th of November and present his research on “China's Growth Prospect in the Medium Run”. The presentation is linked to a joint research project between Professor Wan and Professor Schmerer on “Infrastructure Development and Inclusive Growth: Impact Evaluation, Transmission Mechanisms and the Role of Institutions”.

The presentation will take place in the Room 2 (Ellipse), Building 3 (TGZ ) at November 18th at 2 p.m. Following the presentation there will be the opportunity for questions and further discussions on the topic.

About Professor Guanghua Wan:

Mr. Wan Guanghua was born in Jiangdu, China in 1961. He is Principal Economist at the Asian Development Bank. Formerly he was Project Director at UNU-WIDER and he has taught and did research in development economics and applied econometrics at a number of universities including the University of New England and the University of Sydney, both Australia. Furthermore, he is an honorary professor at several leading universities in China. Today he is the director of the Institute of World Economy at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. He is particularly noted for pioneering work in the development of regression-based decomposition techniques for inequality and poverty accounting. He has several academic papers published in peer-reviewed journals and over a dozen of books, some of those published by the highly regarded Oxford University Press.

Daniel Stähr | 16.10.2019