Note - The Symposium is cancelled because no sufficient number of submissions was reached.

COLLIN 2012 - August 28, 2012
3rd Symposium on Collective Intelligence (CI) and Social Media (SM)

The most notable changes of behavior over the past few decades include the internet-based communication, social interaction, and community-driven innovations involving users with all possible backgrounds, be it age, education, or social standing. This massive participation has not only created new and innovative solutions, but also new business models. This would not have been possible without easy-to-use technology supporting them. Knowledge is created and shared, new products and services are designed and solutions to problems are developed – all of this could never have been achieved single-handedly at this speed. People, public institutions and companies face enormous challenges coping with the communication processes initiated by the many, the information created as well as the demanding technological changes to be made in the wake of this phenomenon. “Wikinomics”, “crowdsourcing”, but also the infamous “shitstorms”, are only a few of the keywords related to the challenges.

With the 3rd Symposium on Collective Intelligence – COLLIN 2012 – we aim to address research topics dealing with social, business-related and technological challenges of the many working together in computer-based social networks, on the one hand, and with the impact of social media on collaboration processes and valid design criteria, on the other hand. We therefore seek to continue the process of forming a transdisciplinary group of researchers discussing the knowledge and further challenges in this field of research.

The conference proceedings will again be published in the Springer series "Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing". (553 chapter downloads from the e-book version in 2012)

The scope of the symposium comprises (but is not limited to) the following topics: