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Prof. Krämer organizes a workshop on Smart Data Systems and Applications


Monday, November 14, 2017: Prof. Krämer organizes a workshop on Smart Data Systems and Applications at the University of Malaga co-located with ICSOC 2017 at which he also serves as a Finance Chair and Steering Committee Member.
Smart data systems and applications support the processing and integration of data into a unified view from disparate Big Data sources, data warehouses, sensors and devices in the Internet of Things, social platforms, and databases, whether on-premises or cloud, structured or unstructured and software-as-a- service applications to support Big Data analytics. Big Data is an umbrella term referring to the large amounts of digital data continually generated by tools and machines, and the global population. Discussion will follow on the results and participants will learn how they can interact with the e-Sides on- line platform to see how results change over time and how they can collaborate to provide their thoughts in the community position papers on the seven most pressing issues.
The area of smart data processing includes the ability to clearly define, interoperate, openly share, access, transform, link, syndicate, and manage data. Under this perspective, it becomes crucial to have knowledge-based meta-data representation techniques to structure the data sets and content, annotate them, link them with associated processes and software services, and deliver or syndicate information to recipients. These are the mechanisms that convert stale data to smart data. This area also includes adaptive frameworks and tool-suites in support of smart data processing by allowing the best use of both data in motion (e.g. data streams from sensors), and data at rest, and may rely on advanced techniques for efficient resource management, and partitioning of intensive data workloads across a number of private and public clouds.
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