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Workshop „Open Education” veranstaltet


As part of the SDPS conference in Kuching, Malaysia, Professor Krämer organized a workshop on “Open Education”. Open Education describes both a political movement and a methodological approach to making education freely available. The attribute open refers to teaching materials, including textbooks, courseware and other resources, that are freely shared through reuse, redistribution, revision and remixing.

Closely related concepts like Open Content, Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Access, or open textbooks pursue the same objective from different perspectives, namely sharing and giving away for free. OER form the basis of this development. They comprise freely licensed teaching materials, educational scenarios, best practice reports, and software supporting teaching and learning.

However, open education goes beyond OER by supporting collaborative learning capabilities and possibilities to test and certify acquired knowledge and competences. Open education is not the same as e-learning, but it can use the same technical means, including content repositories, OER, learning environments, and social software. The workshop initiated a broad discussion on open education and led to the formation of a special interest group with the SDPS community that will promote further research on these topics.

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