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Welcome to the ECPR Standing Group ‘Identity’

The ECPR Standing Group Identity provides a forum for researchers studying identity as a driving force for change as well as a causal factor for individuals’ and groups’ capability to adapt to new challenges.

Here you will find information about the goals, members and activities of the Standing Group. Please feel free to contact us with information about your research activities, recent publications, conference announcements and / or workshop reports. We are also interested in your research experiences on identity questions, novel ideas for conceptualizing and measuring identity, data exchange and summaries of upcoming as well as finished research projects.

Becoming a member of our SG

We welcome new members dealing with questions of identity in their research. To become a member of our Standing Group please visit https://www.ecpr.eu/StandingGroups/StandingGroupsList.aspx [external link] and join our SG. Please note: For joining our SG you will need a MyECPR account. If you do not have one, you can create an account in only a few minutes on the ECPR website [external link].
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