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The FernUniversität’s distance learning system offers students maximum flexibility in terms of both time and location, since the learning schedule can be easily adapted to students’ individual needs.

This flexibility makes the FernUniversität an ideal solution for students who wish to combine their studies with their career or with family responsibilities, and makes it possible to study from anywhere in the world. Both students with traditional university entrance qualifications and students with relevant career or vocational experience have the opportunity to pursue an academic education at the FernUniversität. Most courses and modules at the FernUniversität are taught in German, and German language proficiency is a prerequisite for admission to a degree program.

How Does Distance Learning at the FernUniversität Work?

Distance learning at the FernUniversität is based on a blended learning model which combines e-learning with in-person seminars and events. Course contents are made available in a variety of forms. In addition to printed and online study materials, students use digital media, log in to the FernUniversität's Moodle learning platform and attend seminars and in-person events on campus in Hagen or in the many regional and study centers throughout Germany and abroad. The FernUniversität's Virtual Student Environment allows students to easily take care of organizational matters online.

More about our distance learning model (German)

  • The FernUniversität’s distance education model enables students to study, no matter where they are. Study materials are available online and shipped worldwide, and students can take exams from nearly any country in the world. For students in Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary, regional and study centers offer local support, and the FernUniversität's central student advising service offers online advising and online events for students who live abroad.

    The FernUniversität is constantly extending its Internationalization at Home offerings: Students can take part in international collaborative modules, international summer schools, and virtual mobility programs. Whether studying abroad short-term, completing an entire study program abroad, or gaining international experience while staying home, a wide range of options are open to FernUniversität students. Both students and university staff have access to mobility programs, including Erasmus+, that support internships, training, and study abroad.

    The International Student Admissions Office provides information for students wishing to enroll from abroad. Please note that most courses and modules at the FernUniversität are taught in German, and German language proficiency is required for admission into a degree program.

  • The FernUniversität's regional and study centers throughout Germany and in Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary offer students the opportunity to receive local information, support, and advising. The services offered in the regional and study centers range from general information and advising to subject-specific tutorials and mentoring to opportunities to meet with other students and support for student study groups.

    Regional and Study Centers (German)

  • The FernUniversität provides a variety of opportunities for students to meet and support one another. In addition to in-person events at the regional and study centers, students can connect online through the FernUniversität's Moodle platform, or use the FernUniversität's specially-designed app to search for a study group.

    The FernUniversität supports long-distance study groups with access to software tools for online collaboration and additionally maintains a social media wiki where students can recommend useful social networks and tools to one another.

    More information about opportunities to connect with other students (German)

Prospective Students

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We offer accredited bachelor's and master's degree programs, as well as a variety of continuing education programs.

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Our Central Student Advisory can assist you with choosing your study program, getting started, and throughout the course of your program via individual consultations, informational events, and online advising.

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