Dispatch of Study Materials

Every effort is made by the FernUniversität in Hagen to maintain study material delivery services for its students all over the world, e. g. in Australia, China, Brazil, Saudi-Arabia and South Africa which are as dependable as those for students living in Germany.
Therefore, within the two-weekly dispatch intervals, the dispatch department first mails the study units for students living abroad, mostly by Air Mail / DHL, before the study material is sent to the students in Germany.
So far experience has shown that seldom more than one week has to be allowed for delivery of postal items to addresses outside Germany; however depending on the delivery time required in the individual countries of destination, problems do arise now and then.
Particularly, in some states of Asia, Africa, and Central and South America considerable delays may occur, which is due to poor infrastructure. Obviously, the FernUniversität cannot be held responsible for such delays.
In individual cases these problems are avoidable, e. g. by renting a PO Box at the airport and collecting the study units oneself.
In case you should be unable to meet the deadline for your assignments for submission, since the study materials have been received too late, you may nevertheless send these assignments for correction to the FernUniversität, simultaneously indicating your problem.
The course tutors will help you, so far as they are in a position to do so.
In the event of you not having achieved the learning objective of a semester, you are free to enrol once more for the module concerned in one of the following semesters.
This is possible by marking the course/module concerned with WHK (repetition sign) in your renewal of registration form. Repeating courses within 7 semesters is free of charge and no additional fee is charged for the course, unless the course concerned has fundamentally been revised.

For students residing in countries outside Europe a fax number for assignements for submission has been established:
+49 2331 987 - 21 89

Apart from sending study materials through the post, the FernUniversität increasingly offers courses, seminars and lectures online using special online learning-platforms like the open-source software MOODLE. Those online courses are available independently of time and space. Numerous self-checking exercises and assignments for submission, too, are now dealt with electronically. In addition, students can communicate easily with their fellow students and the faculty-staff as they meet in chatrooms and bulletin boards discussing the study units. More information about the E-Learning tools within the degree programmes can be found on the websites of the faculties (in German).