Written Examinations abroad


Students of the FernUniversität who live at their permanent residences outside Germany and are unable to come to Germany in person for supervised written examinations (Klausuren), may take their examinations at an official German institution abroad.
However this does not apply to countries bordering on Germany, such as

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

Distance students who live in these countries are supposed to take their written examinations in the Federal Republic of Germany. Exceptions might be applicable for selected locations.
All distance students living in countries not bordering on Germany have an opportunity to take their supervised written examinations at the branch-offices or lectureships of the Goethe-Institut.
In those countries where there is neither a branch-office nor a lectureship of the Goethe-Institut, but a federal government maintained German school, students can take the examinations at this school.
Finally, supervised written examinations can also be taken in the study centres at Budapest, Smolensk and contact point Riga.

The Goethe-Institutes have charged fees for the supervision of examinations of the FernUniversität. For each examination date a student has to pay a fee of € 90 to € 120 which is due upon registration. If several students share an examination date, the amount will be split between the students.

German schools, the study centres and contact points in the Central and Eastern European countries, too, are allowed to charge fees for supervising written examinations.
Only in those countries without a branch-office of the Goethe-Institut or a federal government maintained German school, students can take their examinations at the residences of the diplomatic or consular missions of the Federal Republic of Germany. Honorary consuls are not eligible to supervise written examinations. Taking written examinations at the diplomatic or consular missions is free of charge (according to the law regulating the charging of fees for services abroad.

Students intending to take a supervised written examination outside Germany are required to contact the institution concerned well before the examination date. If this institution agrees, you will need to inform FernUnversität’s faculty concerned, indicating the name of the person who will be in charge during your examination.
Furthermore, please register for the examination using the applicable forms. The German institution will receive the examination assignments together with the information required at the appropriate time. The examination dates coincide with those in Germany; time lags are allowed for.
This regulation concerning written examinations is not applicable to tourists or persons on business trips who are staying abroad only temporarily at an examination date.

If the examination date falls on a holiday in the host country, the written examination will have to be taken either in Germany or in the following term/semester. The written examinations of the faculty of economics have to take place simultaneously abroad and in Germany (take account of time lags).

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