Fees for Students living outside Germany


Fees arise when you apply for admission/registration and/or renewal of registration.
At the end of the application procedure you will be invoiced for the total amount.
For sending the study materials abroad the same fees will be charged than for dispatch within Germany.

So far experience has shown that paying your fees via international bank transfer may cause delays. The FernUniversität’s account may not be credited with the amount in due time, which in turn may lead to delays in dispatching/delivering the study materials. Furthermore, banks deduct handling charges, so that not the full amount is received. However it is you who will have to take possible consequences in such cases.

Delays in delivering the study materials can be avoided by sending a crossed cheque or a traveller’s cheque – in EURO, made out to the FernUniversität – together with your application for admission or your application for registration renewal.
If you send the crossed cheque under separate cover, please do not forget to enclose an accompanying note indicating your name, address, purpose (‘as payment for’), as well as your student ID number – if already available.
You can calculate the total amount of the fees yourself, using "Bewerbungsunterlagen" or "Erläuterungen zum Rückmeldeverfahren" (application for admission documents/registration renewal documents) as well as the brochure "Anleitungen zur Belegung" (instructions for registration).

FernUniversität’s bank account and further details required are:
FernUniversität in Hagen
Account No.: 501 5050 901 - Märkische Bank - BLZ: 450 600 09
IBAN-No.: DE 1345 0600 0950 1505 0901

FernUniversität / Your Student ID number (if already available!) / S 26
SENDER (please give full details)
Surname, first name, full address