International Cooperation

The FernUniversität, its faculties und institutions cooperate with numerous institutions of higher education (traditional and distance teaching universities) and scientific institutions all over the world. The international cooperation agreements comprise all areas of the university: teaching, studies, research, administration and system development.
They are complemented by the FernUniversität’s active membership in European and international associations and networks, and by the numerous international cooperation projects resulting from these.

Since the 1980s the FernUniversität has operated study centres on a joint basis with partner institutions abroad – first in the German-speaking countries and later also in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. These study centres aim to spread information about the German language-based programmes of study offered via modern distance education, and they also support students of the FernUniversität. Furthermore, the faculties of the FernUniversität and their international partner institutions of higher education jointly offer attractive programmes of study leading to dual degrees.
The FernUniversität participates in the EU funding programmes in higher education and research.