Students and Graduates

FernUniversität students and graduates are very special people with many skills.
Thus, their employment prospects are excellent: Being single-minded in their goals and confident of their knowledge, they do not let things get them down, they work independently, they are tough, and appreciate a good team.
Their personal development, too, means much to them: They enjoy knowledge. Here are some personal comments by FernUniversität students:

Theo Lieven

He is the founder of VOBIS (Germany’s biggest PC-specialist dealer chain), and holds degrees in business administration (Diplom-Kaufmann) and political economics (Diplom-Volkswirt)

Faculty of Economics

The FernUniversität offers excellent opportunities for one’s own further development and qualifications – especially when under time pressure. By combining work and academic studies, students can achieve their goals more speedily. What I learnt from practical experience was useful for my studies with the FernUniversität. At the university I was able to catch up on the theory which I missed as an entrepreneur. Perhaps our firm would have been even more successful if I had had the scientific knowledge to inform my intuitive decisions.

Saskia Schmidt-Ulm

She is a lawyer and holds a Master’s degree (Academic Further Education)

Faculty of Economics and Hagener Institut für Managementstudien e. V.

I began with the Hagen Certificate Studies in Management, as I intended to find a job in industry. I later continued to study for my Master’s degree. As a student I applied for jobs with different companies, gaining valuable work experience. My law training was regarded as a prerequisite by prospective employers, however, when this was combined with my distance studies, my qualifications were met with greater interest. Today I am employed by a company, and have the responsibility for legal and managerial problems in the field of basic issues in the personnel policy; among other things, I am involved in a strategic personnel development project.

Henrik Lührs

He is a pilot and flying instructor and holds a B.A. in cultural sciences

Faculty of Cultural and Social sciences

Due to a high degree of flexibility and very good student support –compared with a conventional university – I was able to complete my studies without losing any time despite continuing my employment. At the FernUniversität the students are not crowded into a lecture theatre, and there are no changes at short notice. Face-to-face sessions are interesting and also very instructive. Furthermore, I very much appreciated the organization and uncomplicated procedures of the examination office as well as the general introduction to scientific working – especially when compared with my limited experience of conventional universities.

Annabell Berger

She is a musician, mother of three children, and holds a M.Sc. degree in mathematics

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

I have always wanted to study mathematics, the oldest science, and a cultural heritage. In 2001 I chose to register for the Bachelor degree programme in mathematics at the FernUniversität. People were sceptical: University studies – with three children? However, one should not listen to what the sceptics say, but follow what one is really inspired to do.

I came across committed teachers/tutors, interesting subjects, well-prepared teaching material and informative study days. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree I immediately continued to study for the recently introduced Master’s degree. Employers are aware that graduates from Hagen, having managed to complete their studies, are very well qualified.

Oliver Dusso

He started his career early and holds a degree in computer science (Diplom-Informatiker)

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

I am an IT specialist and my studies of computer science at Hagen complemented my professional education in an ideal way.

Abitur – university studies – professional career; that is how I imagined my future to be. However, by combining work and vocationally-orientated university studies, I saved quite a lot of time. My job was more lucrative than any student job, and I didn’t have to serve drinks at a pub in the evenings. I did not even have to miss out on student life, since I benefited from the “meeting point study centre” as well as the recently-introduced Information and Communication Technologies in the study system of the FernUniversität. It was the close contact with fellow students in particular which helped me to achieve my objective.

Anna Lührmann

She is a Member of the German Bundestag and belongs to the green party. She is a Bachelor student of Politics and Organization.

Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences.

Studies with the FernUniversität suit my lifestyle: choosing one’s own path, not having to adapt oneself to the rhythms of others. Indeed, the FernUni is meant for people like me. After the election in 2003, when I wasn’t coping any longer with my on-campus studies, I changed over to FernUni. Studies are on my agenda on Sundays, or between appointments when travelling by train.

My studies help me to find new ideas for my work in politics. I was already able to apply some of the subject matter of the module: ‘Basics of Politics’ in my daily routine. Despite my 12-hour-working day I am extremely satisfied with my life.

Susanne Gold

As a former airline stewardess, she is now an assistant to the board (of directors) and holds a degree in business administration (Diplom-Kauffrau)

Faculty of Economics

Due to their great flexibility, distance studies with the FernUni are ideal for working people. I was even able to take part in the simulation National Model United Nations and gained new experience at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
I registered for business administration at the FernUniversität when I was working for a travel agency, alongside my job as a stewardess. I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with economic problems there. In addition, I was able to benefit from my educational leave. Shortly after graduation I found my job as an assistant to the board.

Personal Life Situation

Many of our students have already completed some form of study. Others complement their vocational education, or are not able to change their places of residence - e.g. on account of illness -, or they benefit from parents leave in order to update their knowledge. The FernUniversität helps its students to achieve their goals by offering individual and flexible support. Since FernUniversität students are not flexible for occupational or family reasons, they often study part-time, but they are not less committed. They are some years older than their counterparts at conventional universities, they are multiply involved, active, and they are keen to acquire knowledge.