Distance Education System

Learning with the FernUniversität primarily means high flexibility during your studies. You study at home using your PC, and work at your own pace through the lessons. Extensive use of the Internet also enables very flexible student support. Furthermore, you can use a network of over 50 study centres near your place of residence. In addition, the FernUniversität in Hagen offers a service-oriented university library. On request, books and articles will be sent to your home by mail.

Study Material and Media

Teaching matter is not presented in an overcrowded lecture theatre, but in the form of well organised and prepared teaching materials, including study units, exercises, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs which are delivered to the students’ homes by mail, and increasingly via the Internet. Students can download additional material or listen to and watch online-lectures. They also hand in their assignments online.

Student Support

The characteristics of the Hagen distance education system also include individual support, either at Hagen itself or through tutors at the study centres in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Central and Eastern Europe. More recently, support is increasingly provided via the Internet: in chatrooms, for example, students discuss material-related questions and problems with the tutors. Thus, the FernUniversität is able to meet students’ needs for flexibility like probably no other university.