German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

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In the Research Cluster "Digitalization, Diversity and Lifelong Learning - Consequences for Higher Education" (D²L²), FernUniversität in Hagen cooperates with other relevant institutions.

The two institutions have begun an in-depth dialogue on current research, development, and transfer topics. The aim is to identify topics for joint projects.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

The "AI.EDU Research Lab" has been established as an initial cooperation project, which is jointly directed by Prof. Dr. Niels Pinkwart, Educational Technology Lab of DFKI, and Prof. Dr. Claudia de Witt, Chair of Education Theory and Media Education at FernUniversität.

Researchers of both institutions work on developing and testing methods and model applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in studying and teaching at FernUniversität. The project focuses on methods of machine learning and knowledge-based expert systems are used to support individual learning and study organization.