Prof. Dr. Claudia de Witt

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Claudia de Witt Foto: FernUniversität

Prof. de Witt holds the Chair of Education Theory and Media Education.

Prof. de Witt has extensive expertise in the digitalization of education, e-learning and mobile learning. She has many years of experience developing innovative didactic design concepts for digital media in higher education and vocational training. She has been involved in establishing multiple study programs, including at on-campus universities, and has considerable expertise in designing flexible educational programs for large groups of students. She has researched the use of mobile apps to optimize self-study and to support vocationally educated students at the beginning phase of their study program. She has experience with managing and implementing joint research projects financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), for example in the context of the Digital Media in Vocational Education and Training program.

The chair’s research includes investigations and development projects in the context of digitalization of teaching and learning processes and mobile (seamless) learning. This includes needs- and target-group-oriented design, implementation and evaluation of didactic applications of digital media, as well as possibilities for transferring them to different educational contexts.

Concrete research goals include:

  • Mobile learning in higher education and vocational training
  • Higher education and artificial intelligence
  • Conditions for successful digitalization and personalization in university-level self-study
  • Distance learning from the perspective of diversity
  • Academic advising concepts for distance learning
  • Design and evaluation of communication scenarios for online learning
  • Analysis and design of online communication for large learning groups

Relevant research projects at the Chair of Education Theory and Media Education relate to digital learning formats such as mobile learning in the context of vocational education and continuing education as well as inverted classroom models, hybrid events, and various blended learning concepts in higher education, including in terms of processes of online interaction and communication. Additional projects include research and development of digital learning opportunities for vocationally educated students at the beginning phase of their study program.

Prof. de Witt is a member of the research cluster’s executive board.

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