Prof. Dr. Stefan Smolnik

Foto: Hardy Welsch

Prof. Smolnik holds the Chair of Business Information Systems in the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

Prof. Smolnik is an expert in the organizational use of communication and collaboration systems as well as organizational knowledge management. His main research interests include investigating factors for the success of technology-supported learning and collaboration, as well as the adoption, usage, and success of information and knowledge management systems. Through his numerous research projects with partners in both industry and research in this context, he has acquired both a thorough knowledge of the changes to the working world through digitalization and competencies for measuring the performance and success of change and learning processes. Currently he is establishing a research project on the adoption and design of digitalization in society and industry, with a focus on smart mobility and smart cities.

Prof. Smolnik is a member of the research cluster´s executive board.

Selected Publications

Team Members



Prof. Smolnik collaborated on the project with an interdisciplinary team of chairs at the FernUniversität:


Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT, Ilmenau)

The cross-faculty Digitalization research team had established a collaboration with the IDMT.

Further projects include:

Smart Cities, Smart Work, Smart Life -- Work and Life in the Digital Society

We encounter information technology not only in organizational contexts, but also increasingly in our private lives. The existing spectrum of digital technologies has triggered radical developments, which influence us both on the individual level as well as the whole of society - ranging from apps in networked cars, to control of the heater, to mobile fitness and health assistants to electronic services in public administration: The increasing digitalization of our lives influences our usage and communication habits. In addition, a variety of solutions for current problems as well as new possibilities for arranging our professional and private lives have opened up.

For these reasons, the chair investigates the following research questions, among others: How does digital life affect different areas of our lives? For example, what does the “smart family,” “smart work,” or “smart city” of the future look like? Which factors influence people to accept and use digital technologies, or to reject them? Which positive and negative effects does the increasing digitalization of our lives have on individuals, both publicly and privately?

Prof. Dr. Smolnik’s chair works on these questions in close collaboration with industry partners as well as other research institutions:

  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Keller (Chair of Parallelism and VLSI, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfram Schiffmann (Chair of Computer Architecture, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Richter (Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Shahper Richter, PhD (University of Auckland)

The results will be continuously presented at international conferences and published.

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