Prof. Dr. Ulrike Baumöl

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Ulrike Baumöl Foto: Andreas Teichmann

Prof. Ulrike Baumöl was a member of the research cluster until September 2019 and held the Chair of Information Management at the FernUniversität inHagen. Since October 2019, she is the rector of the Universität Liechtenstein in Vaduz.

She has many years of experience with third-party-funded research and focuses on the topics:

For some time, she has been engaged with the effects of digitalization on the innovation of business models and organizations. In connection with this, she investigates the effects of disruptive change in the working world on education, for example through the demands placed on university teaching and learning environments by future students as well as political and societal stakeholders.

Prof. Baumöl was a member of the research cluster’s executive board.

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Prof. Baumöl collaborated with an interdisciplinary team of chairs at the FernUniversität:

Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT, Ilmenau)

The cross-faculty Digitalization research team had established a collaboration with the IDMT.