The FernUniversität provides graduates the opportunity to take a doctorate on an individual basis. There are different initiatives to promote and support doctoral candidates, using the modern techniques of distance studies.

The outstanding institutions include among other things the Graduate Centre (Promotionskolleg) “Social interests and formulation of political demands and objectives. Constitutional culture in historical context“ (Gesellschaftliche Interessen und politische Willensbildung. Verfassungskultur im historischen Kontext) which is run by the Historical Institute, as well as the “Network of women doctoral candidates“ (Promovendinnennetzwerk) of the Equal Opportunities Office.

Prerequisites for admission

The prerequisites for acceptance of a doctoral candidate are set out in the doctoral degree regulations of the individual faculties. According to the University Law NRW (§97,5) a doctoral candidate is required to register at the FernUniversität, which is possible any time, also outside normal registration periods.

For details regarding admission to a doctorate, and for further information please address yourself to the Dean’s Office of the faculty concerned.