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Experimental Modeling Research : Surveying and critically reviewing the existing body of knowledge

Status: laufend


In an attempt to compile a comprehensive account of experiments investigating the various facets of conceptual modeling, this research project aims at surveying and critically reviewing what may presently be concluded from laboratory, web and field experiments. One of the project's objectives is to compile a publicly viewable database of references to give a comprehensive account of work in that area of research. A subsequent objective is to critically review and evaluate results from the identified experimental studies. A particular focus is set on experimental procedures - on how experiments are carried out - and on research designs - on what is investigated how.

Im Rahmen des Forschungsprojekts werden Bearbeiterinnen und Bearbeiter für Abschlussarbeiten gesucht (siehe Themenvorschläge).

Lehrstuhl EvIS | 09.05.2013
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