Authors Instructions

How to format your contribution for I2CS 2013:

new instructions

The proceedings had been changed. We will now publish all contributions by VDI publisher, Düsseldorf, Germany. Therefore, we kindly ask all authors following the before published formatting guideline from Springer but strictly submitt all text sources, pictures and tables together with the pdf-file. We will then do the re-formatting and agree with you on the final form of your submission.


Please format your paper according to the authors instruction of LNI. The following information and templates for LaTeX and Microsoft Word will help you (provided by Springer, www.springer.com):

To reach a unique appearance for the paper title and headlines, please capitalize the first character of nouns and important adjectives, although it is not common English. Please do not forget to also adapt your paper information accordingly.

Electronic submission of your paper is required. Full papers should be submitted as PDF files using the conference system EasyChair . The final camera-ready version is limited to 12 pages

Note: You will need to create an EasyChair account, if you have not already done so.

For the submission in EasyChair, you need to provide information about your contribution (address for correspondence, authors, title and abstract, keywords). This information can also be provided in advance without submitting the paper itself. We recommend to do so! You can update all information and of course your submission as long as the submission is not closed.

How to submit a paper for the Proceedings:

  1. As corresponding author you need to create an EasyChair account if you have not already done so.
  2. Please prepare your paper according to the Authors Instruction mentioned above before using the template files. These templates incorporate the specifications for conference proceedings. The length of the paper should be no more than 12 pages. Your paper has to be submitted in PDF format.
  3. Please submit your paper for review using the EasyChair conference management system (you need an account first).
  4. After the review a revision and final version of the paper has to be provided.
  5. Together with the final paper the Copyright Agreement must be signed and submitted as scanned PDF to copyright@i2cs-conference.org. You can download the template from here .

Note: Papers will only be published if at least one author has registered for the conference to present the paper.

If you have any direct inquiries about submissions in general, please send them to info@i2cs-conference.org or directly to Herwig Unger, the Conference Chair, at herwig [dot] unger [at] fernuni-hagen [dot] de or Gerald Eichler, the Co-Chair, at gerald [dot] eichler [at] telekom [dot] de. The conference staff will contact you only if the paper does not perform properly or has other problems.

How to use the conference management system EasyChair:

Obtaining an EasyChair Account

To log in to EasyChair, you must own an EasyChair account. If you do not have already one you need to register. The registration process is a two step process. After entering your name and email address (together with a secret word for the registration process), you will receive an email containing a link to create your account.

Create a new submission

After your login at EasyChair you will find a link "New Submission" to create a new submission. By clicking on this link, you will be able to provide details on your submission (address for correspondence, authors, title and abstract, keywords) and you will be able to upload your paper, which is also possible later. So you have the chance to create a submission including the abstract in advance and upload the paper later which is the recommend way!

Update your submission

If you have already created one or multiple submissions, you will find a link "Paper". Following this link, the given information on your submissions is presented. On the right hand side of the page you will see a set of links which will allow you to modify or withdraw your submission.

Best Paper Award

The best academic paper submitted to the I2CS as well as the best presentation will be selected and honored at the end of the conference.


All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings by Springer: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing series, which is indexed by ISI Proceedings, DBLP, SCOPUS, MetaPress, Springerlink and others

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