The Beginning

Founded as workshop in 2001 as "Innovative Internet Computing Systems" in Ilmenau by Thomas Böhme and Herwig Unger, the I²CS takes place annually in the mid of June.

On the international way

The first event outside of Germany took place in Mexico in 2004. Again, it was Herwig Unger, who made this important step possible. The change in the name from "computing" to "community" reflects perfectly its understanding as a workshop of exchange between people from different countries, from universities, research institutes and industries. Via France and Switzerland it returned to Germany in 2007. From now on, alternately an international and a German location is selected by the steering committee to arrange the three-days event which has reached the status of an international conference.


# Year Country Place Local Chairs Local URL Website
1st 2001 Germany Ilmenau Thomas Böhme
Herwig Unger
2nd 2002 Germany Kühlingsborn Thomas Böhme
Herwig Unger
3rd 2003 Germany Leipzig Gerhard Heyer
Herwig Unger
4th 2004 Mexiko Guadalajara Herwig Unger
V.M. Larios Rosillo
5th 2005 France Paris Alain Bui
Marc Bui
6th 2006 Switzerland Neuchâtel Peter Kropf
Pascal Felber
7th 2007 Germany München Ulrike Lechner
Achim Dannecker
8th 2008 Martinque Schoelcher Hacene Fouchal
Philippe Hunel
9th 2009 Germany Jena Christian Erfurth
Gerald Eichler
10th 2010 Thailand Bangkok Phayung Meesad
Herwig Unger
11th 2011 Germany Berlin Gerald Eichler
Axel Küppel
12th 2012 Norway Trondheim Leendert Wienhofen
Gerald Eichler
Anders Kofod-Petersen
13th 2013 Germany Iserlohn Herwig Unger
Thomas Böhme
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