List of Papers

  • Maytiyanin Komkhao, Wolfgang Halang and Jie Lu. Consensual Recommender Systems
  • Joerg Roth. Combining Symbolic and Spatial Exploratory Search – the Homerun Explorer
  • Gerald Eichler, Karl-Heinz Lüke and Eric Shorter. Community and individual influence on high-quality expertise and media recommendation delivery
  • Andreas Lommatzsch, Benjamin Kille and Sahin Albayrak. An Agent-based Movie Recommender System Combining the Results Computed based on Heterogeneous Semantic Datasets
  • Lorenz Lehmann, Jeshurun Devendraraj and Sebastian Göndör. SODF: A Framework for Dynamic Interaction with Smart Objects
  • Mario Kubek and Herwig Unger. Generating Topically Induced Document Links
  • Kyandoghere Kyamakya and Oana Mitrea. Social networking of end customers for optimising last mile logistics
  • Bandar Alghamdi and Hacene Fouchal. Wireless Body Area network Platform Architecture
  • Patrick Bauermann. Random Walker Algorithm and induced Clustertree
  • Jens Schwarter and Ulrike Lechner. Towards Technology Acceptance and Adoption Of Social Media in Emergency Services
  • Günter Fahrnberger. SecureString 2.0 - A Cryptosystem for Computing on Encrypted Character Strings in Clouds
  • Cong Long Nguyen, Nawaporn Wisitpongpunt, Phayung Meesad and Herwig Unger. Clustering Stock Data for Multi-objective Portfolio Optimization
  • Anne Schwahn, Franz Hartleb and Gerhard Hasslinger. Traffic Profiles and Management for Support of Community Networks
  • Rima Boudjadja, Mohamed Nadjib Zennir and Mohamed Azni. Joint Source Channel Coding for H.264/AVC Video Transmission over Wireless Network
  • Cédric Ramassamy, Hacene Fouchal and Philippe Hunel. Influence of Network Topology on WSN Performances
  • Ahmad Haj Mosa, Mouhannad Ali, Jean Chedjou and Kyandoghere Kyamakya. OD Matrix Estimation of a Complex Junction based on Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Philipp Neuser, Herwig Unger, Mario Kubek. An Extended, Decentralized Version of the VIVALDI-Mechanism for creating Synthetic Network Coordinates based on Peer Data

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