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We are organizing the following activities

  • Empirical Economics Seminar
  • Conferences
  • Workshops for Young Researchers
  • Brownbag Seminar

Empirical Economics Seminar

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Summer 2023:

April 18 (2pm), 2023: Simone Maxand

"A panel SVAR for European climate policy"
Europa-Uni Viadrina

April 25 (2pm), 2023: Daniel Gutknecht

"Testing quantile forecast optimality"
University of Frankfurt

Winter 2022:

2nd of December, 2022: Uta Pigorsch

"Assortativity and Connectedness of Financial Networks"
University of Wuppertal

9th of December, 2022: Theodore Panagiotidis

"European Trade and Growth Imbalances: A Sign-Restriction GVAR Analysis"
University of Macedonia, Greece.

17th of January, 2023: Jörg Lingens

"Freedom of choice, its intrinsic value, and implications for policy design"
University of Münster

31st of January, 2023: Rainer Schüssler

"Ensembles of Portfolio Rules"
University of Rostock.
Homepage: Webpage

28th of February, 2023: Eric Girardin

"Testing for real estate bubbles"
Aix-Marseille Université.

Summer 2022:

29th of April, 2022: Davide Romelli

"Monetary policy and financial markets: evidence from Twitter traffic"
Department of Economics at Trinity College Dublin.

10th of June, 2022: Michał Rubaszek

"Are exchange rate predictable?"
SGH Warsaw School of Economics

8th of July, 2022: Jo v. Biesebroeck

"Strategic Trade Liberalization"
Department of Economics, KU Leuven

22nd of July, 2022: Mario Alloza

"Dynamic Effects of Persistent Shocks"
Bank of Spain

19th of August, 2022: Matthias Hartmann

"Optimal combination of biased and heterogeneous point forecasts"


The following conferences were organized by researchers associated with CESA

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EEFS Conference 2023: European Economics and Finance Society

June 15- 18, 2023
FernUni Campus in Berlin

Workshop on Labor and Health Economics

November 3 - 4, 2022
FernUni Campus in Berlin
Call for Papers (PDF 4 MB)

Global Economic Policy Group Meeting

June 27 - 28, 2022
FernUni Campus in Berlin

Workshop on Carbon Finance

March 8-9, 2022

Workshops for Young Researchers

The following lectures provide advanced lectures in topics related to our research agenda.

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Lectures on causal estimation and inference with microeconomic applications

Kamhon Kan
Academia Sinica
October 24-27, 2022

Summer School on VAR models

Michał Rubaszek
SGH Warsaw School of Economics
August 29 - 31, 2022

Summer School on International Finance

Stefan Reitz, University of Kiel (Link)
July 18 - 22, 2022

Virtual PhD-Course on Trade and Labor Market Outcomes

Hans-Jörg Schmerer (FernUniversität Hagen)
Elhanan Helpman (Harvard University)
Link to Course Page

Brownbag Seminar

Associated researchers frequently come together for exchanging research ideas.

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Summer 2023:

May 10 (12pm - 12:45pm), 2023: Marco Kerkemeier

"Regime-specific exchange rate predictability and the role of uncertainty"

May 10 (12:45pm - 13:30pm), 2023: Hendrik Sonnabend

"The Napoleon complex revisited: New evidence from professional soccer"

June 14 (12pm)

Oliver Beckman: "tba"

Anna Krumme: "tba"

June 28 (12pm)

Tim Seidinger: "tba"

Vitus Bühl: "tba"

July 5 (12pm)

Benjamin Schwanebeck: "tba"

Jennifer Rogmann: "tba"